Stakeholder Engagement

GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43

At Tropicalia we carefully identify the stakeholders most impacted by our activities via a series of stakeholder maps. They include local, regional, and national authorities; local and international organizations, community leaders and media; principal partners and suppliers; and employees.

We engage with them continually through our business activities and Fundación Tropicalia’s range of programs. Fundación Tropicalia’s team members reside in Miches, allowing for an intimate understanding of community development needs. We structure programs accordingly, prioritizing quality and transparency above all else.

Destination Management

El Seibo - Miches Tourism and Culture Cluster

In August 2016, Tropicalia led the effort to establish the El Seibo-Miches Tourism and Culture Cluster, which engages participants in the local tourism-supply chain. The entity seeks to increase the region’s competitiveness and sustainability efforts by regulating tourism activities, reinforcing laws and regulations, and enhancing the business and social environment.

In 2016, the El Seibo-Miches Tourism and Culture Cluster was featured in “Andariego”, a national ecotourism TV show. The broadcast showcased Miches’ natural attractions and several local businesses, including local restaurants, camping sites, eco-lodges and horseback riding services.

The Cluster is currently leading the organization of “Playa Arriba Rescue Committee”, a coalition of public and private institutions that will design a program to protect and manage the local beachfront, Playa Arriba.


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