Reporting with Purpose

At Tropicalia, we always look to raise the bar. This year, we decided to report against the G4 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for Sustainability, cross-referencing the GRI indicators material to our business with our proprietary SMS, the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and the SDGs.

Sustainability Management System (SMS) Vetting with Design, Development and Architecture Teams

In 2016, we cross-referenced SMS indicators with our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification scorecard and with the SDGs. This allows us to align corporate and global material issues for ourselves and our partners, and expands our commitment to the integration of environmental, economic and social sustainability practices. In addition, the identification of the SDGs we affect will allow us to commit to specific SDGs and targets in the future.

Establishment of El Seibo - Miches Tourism and Culture Cluster

We led and supported the incorporation of the El Seibo – Miches Tourism and Culture Cluster, in collaboration with local tourism entities, to establish and promote Miches as a sustainable tourism destination.

Sustainable Tourism Supply-Chain Program Strategy Revision

Over the last three years, Fundación Tropicalia made major advances with this program in par tnership with the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB/MIF). Leading into the final year of execution, the program was extended an additional 12 months with a special focus on the project’s agricultural component.

Fundacion Tropicalia Impact

In 2016, Fundación Tropicalia’s initiatives and programs served 949 people, 61% of whom are women and young girls.

A Record of Success for “I’m a Girl, I’m Important” (SNSI)

Fundación Tropicalia celebrated the fourth year of the SNSI summer camp. The community eagerly anticipates SNSI every year, making this one of Fundación Tropicalia’s most popular and effective programs.


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