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Tropicalia’s community engagement and social investment efforts began in 2008 with its foundation, Fundación Tropicalia.

Fundación Tropicalia focuses on four main program areas: productivity, environment, education and socio-cultural advocacy. The foundation has identified, developed and implemented high-impact, innovative projects in agriculture, gender equality, education, environment, entrepreneurship and microfinance.


Design and implement sustainable development programs that integrate local communities to promote collective change.


Promote socio-economic development and prosperity in the region.

Honors & Awards


United Nations World Tourism Organization award for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations: Fundación Tropicalia named as a finalist for its sustainable tourism supply-chain program. In January 2017, it received the second runner-up award.7


Forbes’ Central American and Dominican Republic Edition ranking for Most Important Non-Governmental Organization in Central America and Dominican Republic in 2016: Fundación Tropicalia ranked 14th.


Latin American Network for Education (REDUCA) award for Best Innovative Practice in Inclusive Education: Fundación Tropicalia recognized for its “I’m a Girl, I’m Important” Summer Camp.

Ethical Corporation

Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards – Most Effective Domestic Community Investment: Fundación Tropicalia shortlisted for its Education Programs.


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7 World Tourism Organization UNWTO. UNWTO Awards recognize the commitment of the tourism sector to sustainable approaches. Obtained from: Accessed January 2017.