Cultural Identity

Fundación Tropicalia aims to maximize the natural and cultural heritage of the region by supporting various activities in partnership with the local government and community leaders.

  • The annual and historically significant “Carnaval” celebrations: Fundación  Tropicalia sponsored the sound equipment for the celebration.
  • Fiesta de Atabales: Fundación Tropicalia sponsored two celebrations of the annual traditional festivity of atabales (a regional percussion instrument), in which Micheros get together to honor their patron saint, San Antonio de Padua, dance and play music.

Community Newsletter

This year, Fundación Tropicalia issued six new editions of its Community Newsletter, and circulated 2,000 copies of each across more than 50 distribution points in Miches. The Community Newsletter promotes sustainable development, environmental stewardship, health awareness, local culture and traditions, and individual and civic responsibility for children and adults alike.

Fundación Tropicalia's
Online Community

Fundación Tropicalia launched its website ( in May 2015 and increased its communications reach via social media. As of December 31, 2016, the foundation’s reach included 1,334 Facebook “likes” (34% increase from 2015), 481 Twitter followers (more than 100% increase), and 1,069 Instagram followers (more than 250% increase).

Facebook Likes
Twitter followers
Instagram followers

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Partners for Sustainability