Partners for Sustainability

GRI 102-13, 102-40


Building a strong foundation for Tropicalia means creating a thoughtful, engaged network of partners. Tropicalia proudly recognizes its relationships with these organizations and will continue to pursue successful partnerships for years to come.



Business, civil society, and
non-profit organizations

  • Ministry of Tourism (since 2009): Tropicalia complies with the Ministry of Tourism regulations for tourist developments and it works hand in hand with the Department of Planning & Projects (DPP).
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (since 2008): Tropicalia is in complete compliance with environmental regulations of the Dominican Republic; environmental permits are current.
  • Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic – CEI-RD (since 2015): Tropicalia works alongside the CEI-RD to promote investments in the country.
  • Ministry of Public Works and Communication (since 2015): Tropicalia works with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications to encourage the completion of infrastructure projects in the region.
  • The Ocean Foundation (since 2013): Tropicalia works with TOF to support reporting efforts, elaborate measurement tools and obtain third-party verification of social and environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • United Nations Global Compact (since 2010): Tropicalia supports the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.
  • National Association of Hotels and Restaurants – ASONAHORES (since 2011).
  • National Private Business Council – CONEP (since 2014).
  • Dominican Association of Tourism Real Estate Businesses – ADETI (since 2011 and currently chairs it).
  • Dominican Association of Ranchers and Farmers – ADHA (since 2016).

Development and communications team

  • Gensler
  • Geofitech
  • Geoconsult
  • Holsteinson & Asociados, SA (HOLASA)
  • Horwath HTL
  • HVS
  • Isay Weinfeld
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Mapex
  • Marshall
  • Renaissance Golf Design
  • Sheila Donnelly & Associates (SDA)
  • Sherwood
  • Sinergo Development Group
  • Thompson Engineering

Fundación Tropicalia


  • Municipality of Miches (since 2008): Tropicalia/Fundación Tropicalia and Miches collaborate on special projects related to culture, sports, education, and environment.
  • Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (since 2010): Fundación Tropicalia and the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic work to improve the quality of education in the Miches school district.
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (since 2013): Fundación Tropicalia collaborates on special projects related to the environment, research and education.
  • Ministry of Agriculture (since 2013): Fundación Tropicalia and the Ministry of Agriculture collaborate on special projects related to agricultural supply chains and technical training for farmers.

Business, civil society, and nonprofit organizations

  • Banco ADOPEM (since 2015): Fundación Tropicalia and Banco ADOPEM work to widen the scope of financial services available to the micro entrepreneurs that are supported by Fundación Tropicalia’s programs.
  • ADOPEM ONG (since 2015): Fundación Tropicalia and ADOPEM ONG work together to bring financial and women’s empowerment education programs to the Miches community.
  • EDUCA (since 2013): Fundación Tropicalia and EDUCA work to improve public education policy and drive impact in Miches education programs.
  • Fondo para el Desarrollo, Inc – FONDESA (since 2008): Fundación Tropicalia and FONDESA work to democratize access to financial services, diversify banking products, and support the inclusion of micro and small enterprises in the tourist and agricultural supply chains.
  • Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana – JAD (since 2015): Fundación Tropicalia and JAD work to bring development opportunities to local farmers and agribusinesses in Miches.
  • National Business Network for Environmental Protection – ECORED (since 2008): Fundación Tropicalia gains access to a private-sector network that increases environmental protection efforts and promotes public/private-sector dialogue.
  • Inter-American Development Bank, Multilateral Investment Fund (since 2012): Principal advisory and financing entity supporting the Fundación Tropicalia supply-chain initiative.
  • Miches Cooperative of Labor, Production and Multiple Services – COOPROMI (since 2015): As COOPROMI gains institutional strength, it will provide market access to small farmers, technical assistance in sustainable agriculture, agritourism opportunities, and support Miches as a sustainable tourism destination.
  • World Vision (since 2012): Fundación Tropicalia collaborates with World Vision on projects that support community development.

Academic institutions

  • Universidad ISA (since 2011): Fundación Tropicalia and Universidad ISA host a scholarship program for Miches students who are interested in agricultural science and science education careers.

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